All about me...

* Age: 24
* Born: July 5, 1979
* Live: In Missouri, USA
* Eyes: Green
* Hair: Reddish--Brown with blond highlights...
* What I wear: Jeans and T-shirts..things that are commphy
* Shy: A big "that's me"
* Married June..happily that depends on the day..there are days you wish you kill them, but you love them too much... ^_^
* Mood:The current mood of at

What I like

* Food: I'll eat most anything..not that picky
* Music: Anime sound tracks, Linkin Park, Aerosmith, and lots more...not picky in the music section unless it gets annoying or hurts my ears..^-^'
* Animals: Love animals...have way to many as is..but I love them all..
* Colors: Green, Blue, Black, and sometimes White...but by the way I make would think it was pink..
* Cars:'s a family thing...
* Drinks: Love Mountain Dew Red, Pepsi and Green Tea...but again not picky drink anything..
* Reads: Manga and other to read..could spend all day reading if anyone would let me..
* Making Layouts: Just love to do that, just learning...and sometimes gets me behind on other things..but I think I am getting better..

What I dislike

* Food: Peas..hate peas with a passion
* Color: Pink..then why do I make layouts using it...ahhh..
* People: With negative attitudes...just can't be around them...

Don't have anymore that I can think of...

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